Volunteer Opportunities


Our events run smoothly due to the support of our volunteers who kindly offer their time to help and as a member, we do ask that you help at least one event each year. Every competition needs a variety of volunteers, details of which can be found below and support is always available if it is your first time helping so you should never feel nervous!

Steward – Keeping things running to plan, keeping a track of our competitors & making sure they know where to go.

Judge writer – Recording comments made by the judge as they watch each test. This is a great opportunity for some out of the saddle learning as you pick up tips of what the judge is looking for as the tests are ridden.

Scorer – If maths is your strong point then this is the role for you – adding up the marks & working out the scores for each test. Scoring is a 2 person job as each test is scored & independently checked!

If you can offer even a couple of hours help on competition days, please let us know via email to –